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Sébastien Touache — Paris, France

“We don’t plan anything, we prefer to do and see what happen, in an intuitive way, experiment, with success or not. I need freedom to enjoy getting started with no idea of the result.”

As a child, French illustrator Sébastien Touache read a lot of comics. From Tintin to Asterix, to Japanese animation he became interested in drawing pictures. He started Jeanspezial in 2006 with friends he had known since school, and collaboratively painted walls across Europe ( Paris, Berlin, Munich, Bruxelles, Ghent, Luxembourg ). Sebastien is also a proud member and co-founder of les Jeanclode alongside Nicolas Barrome and Mathieu Julien. They work together mainly on advertising campaigns, and are supported by Lezilus (Paris) and Pocko (London).

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