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Shangning Wang & Jiayan He — New York, USA

Is there any other media you hope you could see more infographics on? “It is evident that an increasing prevalence of screens is becoming a big part of our daily lives. Research indicates a substantial rise in daily screen time, with an almost 50-minute increase per day compared to a decade ago, particularly since 2013. Anticipating this background, we foresee a surge in the presence of explanatory illustrations across various screen sizes, ranging from compact ones on mobile phones to expansive formats such as outdoor advertising billboards.”

Shangning Wang and Jiayan He are New York-based creative professionals known for their expertise in graphic design, infographics, illustration, data visualisation and branding. Shangning is a Design Project Specialist at UNDP, while Jiayan serves as a Graphic Design Consultant with UNICEF. Their collaboration on design projects for the United Nations commenced in 2018, demonstrating their commitment to delivering creative solutions within this renowed organisation.

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