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Shanti Sparrow — New York, USA

What existing work would you like to re-design editorially? “I would love to re-design Time Out magazine. It was initially a counter-culture publication that took a non-conformist stance on issues such as gay rights, racial equality and police harassment. Today the content and design feel far more commercially driven and conventional. It has become more like an advertisement than a point of view. I’d love to bring the magazine back to its roots with a possible touch of David Carson’s irreverence.”

Shanti Sparrow is an Australian graphic designer, illustrator, lecturer and “dreamer” working in New York City. She has been referred to as a “Queen of Layout” and her work is characteristically informed by the grid, with refined typography and bold colour choices. Sparrow embraces the simplicity of geometric shapes and lines to create minimal yet visually striking designs.

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