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Siegenthaler & Co. — Bogotá, Colombia

“Making a good packaging design requires several aspects. First, the packaging should reflect the essence of the product and the brand; it has to be totally clear about what the product is and can leave no doubts or confusions about flavours or product lines. It should also be striking and above all harmonious within its elements. You must comply with certain rules such as legibility and fast reading. Finally, for us, it is indispensable that there is an impeccable use of type, illustration and photography.”

Siegenthaler & Co. is a design firm based in Bogota, Colombia, which was started in 2012 by Oliver Siegenthaler. It specialises in brand development and packaging design, developing brand systems, including visual identities, consumer packaging, digital experiences and physical environments. Its designs, it claims, bring ideas to life, transform brands and help businesses grow.

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