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Sigurður Oddsson — Reykjavik, Iceland

"Like many graphic designers, I started out doing this so as to be able to make record covers. My heroes were guys like Storm Thorgerson and Roger Dean and I always hoped to be able to do great work like that. I am happy to have been able to do some – being a musician myself has perhaps helped me in some ways, as the music scene in Iceland is very tight-knit, everybody knows everyone."

Siggi Odds – full name Sigurður Oddsson – was born in Reykjavik and has lived in Vancouver, British Colombia, in Canada, where he was exposed to the native Indian art of the country’s north-west coast, examining how the form and function of design has been evolving for hundreds and thousands of years. This has influenced his unique design style, which he practises in the spheres of music, fashion and the arts generally.

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