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Silvia Portella — Barcelona, Spain

“To me, the essential for a good pattern design is that, when you look at the finished artwork, you get a nice, peaceful feeling. Since patterns are about repetition of elements, it can happen that one gets lost in the process, resulting in a confusing mix for the eye. Good composition and balance that can be obtained, for example, by choosing the right, compensating colours, can help produce satisfying results.”

Silvia Portella, who comes from Barcelona, graduated in graphic design and, among other places, has lived — for eight years — in Berlin. While there, she decided to give a whirl to her true passion, illustration, focusing on everything cute “because for me cute is love, the best thing that can happen to us”. She enjoys “re-creating whimsical scenes of joy, peace and tenderness, finding inspiration in Nature, my family and friends and all the simple little details in our everyday that make life warm and cozy”.

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