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Soyun Park — Los Angeles, USA

What mistakes or traps should young designers try to avoid when creating an illustration? “I would suggest that young artists, especially those who want to go in for animation, should spend more time on fundamentals. Many young designers want to go straight into style or colouring even though they are not ready. So paying attention to the fundamentals such as perspective, anatomy, story-telling, layouts, design principles, mood, colour and light will be important and later, when you decide on your field or style, they will all come to you and make your pieces really strong. Also, explore more. Don’t hesitate to give it a shot when you are young. You will be narrowing down your path and will find out what makes your heart run as you go on.”

Soyun Park is an illustrator living in Pasadena, LA. Born in South Korea, she came to the United States to pursue her dream of “becoming an artist who makes amazing animations that inspire people”. Now she is continuing her journey at DreamWorks Animation TV as a visual-development artist.

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