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Stefanie Brückler — New York City, USA

I think I would chose Yahoo! It is a brand that in my opinion hasn’t really defined itself yet. The logo re-design it had done in 2013 didn’t really change much. If I were to re-brand it, I would go beyond a new design and would attempt to distill the brand’s true identity. I would try to clearly position the brand and extract its voice and establish its meaningfulness through design and communication. I believe Yahoo! needs to re-position itself in order to keep up with the times and still be relevant to a broader audience.

Stefanie Brückler is an Austrian designer and illustrator. She holds a BA in information and communication design from the F.H. Joanneum University of Applied Sciences in Graz and has worked for studios in Austria and the US. Her work focuses on building cohesive visual identities that transition seamlessly from print to web as well as editorial design, typography and packaging design.

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