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Studio Maud Vantours — Paris, France

“I see a trend revival of the seventies in fashion and decoration. The colours in 2022 are a bit softer than the bright psychedelic colour combinations of the ’70s. For example in France, Monoprix did a rendition and retrospective collection of their iconic designs, furniture and objects from ’70s — and I love it! Another pattern trend is optical-illusion prints that give the impression of a different body morphology.”

Born in 1985, Maud Vantours is a Parisian designer and artist who, after studying fabric design and material research, founded her own design studio. Her work explores colour, graphic design and material. Paper is at the heart of many of her original creations. She folds it, perforates it, piles it up and superimposes its layers to create 3D universes. Poetry surrounds her original compositions and sculptures. She also explores new ways to express herself, using materials such as plexiglass, metal or wood. This means she can apply their techniques and skills to projects at any scale. Her works have been exhibited in galleries in France and further afield.

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