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Studio Mut — Thomas Kronbichler, Martin Kerschbaumer — Bolzano, Italy

“Editorial design is the craft where the personality of the designer shows through only after you see lots of pages: small decisions of balance or contrast, pointed ideas, or putting yourself into the background to let the content shine. It’s like a conversation with an interesting person. Gradually, you uncover things you did not know. That’s what makes editorial design so intriguing. A great designer steers the attention of the reader, shakes up conventions, all to serve the story.”

Studio Mut is an internationally recognised graphic-design studio based in South Tyrol, Italy. It was founded by Thomas Kronbichler and Martin Kerschbaumer and creates powerful and clever brands, websites and publications. “The studio balances Austria’s assiduous work ethic with Italy’s ideals of relaxation and enjoyment,” said Communication Arts magazine, and AIGA magazine recently dubbed it “Italy’s friendliest design studio”.

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