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Studio NUR — Eszter Laki — Budapest, Hungary

“We enjoy creating designs for restaurants and bars because the branding appears on various materials. It is always a close relationship with the owner and the interior designer. Our favourite projects are when we imagine the atmosphere, the story and all the details together with them. We have to think about the type of gastronomy, the target group and the tone of voice before we start to design. We try to ‘be’ a future guest of the place. The menu has to be readable and easy to understand, restroom signs have to be recognizable. Graphic design comes afterwards.”

The principals of Hungarian Studio NUR say: “We love branding based on manual gestures. We use clean typography and hand-drawn details. We love brainstorming on the full concept from scratch – we manage the whole process from the first sketch to the photo documentation. We delve into a project to understand its personal motivation and follow that lead.”

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