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Sudtipos — Ale Paul — Buenos Aires, Argentina

“Clockmaker’s aesthetic references encompass Victorian, Art Nouveau and Art Deco advertising and typography, with specific influence from John F. Cummings’ all-caps — and never digitized — type design Elandkay. Creating a diverse and playful set of uppercase ligatures was an almost endlessly enjoyable task; they are one of Clockmaker’s most charming features. It is an impeccable choice for designs requiring a vintage flair for such as luxury liquor labels, restaurant identities, lavish hotels, etc. It is also a homage to my grandfather who was a master craftsman, repairing antique clocks and fine watches. Watching him at work was fascinating.”

Ale Paul is one of the founders of the Sudtipos project, which contributed enormously in placing Argentina firmly on the graphic-design map. A member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale, his type design work has been awarded by ATypI Letter2, the Type Directors’ Club of New York and Tokyo and many others. He teaches a postgraduate typography programme at the University of Buenos Aires, where he previously taught graphic design. He has also taught seminars and spoken at many conferences and universities around the world.

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