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Supernova Design — Shaivalini Kumar — Copenhagen, Denmark

“The most satisfactory packaging design project for me has been Bantu Vegan. Given the market where the brand was launching (Tanzania), I wanted to ensure that the look and feel, and all the motifs and elements that made up the visual aesthetic of the brand, fitted contextually. A lot of research and ideation went into critical nuances such as colour palettes, patterns, materials and style. I was extremely happy with the overall outcome.”

Shaivalini Kumar is an award-winning art director and illustrator, based in Copenhagen, Denmark. She says she helps innovative brands and businesses “tell their unique stories in playful and creative ways”. Her work has been recognised on various platforms including Adobe Inspire Magazine, Microsoft News, Google and Communication Arts. She is the co-founder of Supernova Design Inc, which is based out of Los Angeles.

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