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Supernulla Creative Studio — Marcello Raffo, Marco Venturi, Nicolò Tromben & Cecilia Murgia — Italy/Germany/France

“Designing a campaign involves creating and designing different assets on different media. This entails much more research and study, even though it is unique and connected. In this case, the design of a poster for a hypothetical campaign should go hand in hand with the design of the various media. The poster is part of a whole and must be adapted to the overall communication. We will therefore tend to design the various graphic elements separately in a ‘modular’ manner so that they can be adapted more easily.”

Supernulla is a small Italian studio founded by Marcello Raffo, Marco Venturi, Nicolò Tromben and Cecilia Murgia. It specializes in brand identity, editorial and motion design, and illustration.Its credo? “We surf the void where ideas float, bringing them right to your doors. Always hunting the wave of the present to drive it towards the high seas of the future, we are looking for new lands to discover.”

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