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Tanya Heidrich — Stillo Noir — Valencia, Spain

“Working on walls is a lot more physical than on paper, which can make the end result all the more rewarding! Your whole body goes into it, for hours on end in the heat or the cold, so at the end of a day painting murals I often crash in the most satisfying and fulfilling of ways.There are also different challenges: when working on paper, I can map out a design intuitively in a matter of minutes; with murals, mapping out the composition takes more time, consideration and a lot of stepping back.”

Tanya Heidrich, also known as Stillo Noir, is a Swiss pattern artist and muralist based in Valencia, Spain. She specialises in creating patterns inspired by the subtle details of her surroundings, playing with texture to create unique designs that are maximalist in detail yet maintain a serenity associated with minimalism.

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