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Taylor White — Raleigh, North Carolina, USA

“The biggest difference is the time constraint. In a studio environment you have time to plan, experiment, take things slowly, walk away and come back. In a mural setting it’s different because you are often working within a limited time frame if you have rented equipment. So I try to keep my mural installations within one-two weeks. This means I have to have everything planned out and make sure I have all my materials to hand. The advantage to mural painting is that I don’t have to be as detail-oriented as I would on a canvas.”

Taylor White is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work engages with the fundamental elements of being. She earned a BFA from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2007, and upon graduating was hired by acclaimed Norwegian advertising agency TRY/Apt, as the first and only full-time illustrator hired in a Norwegian agency at the time. Since then she has exhibited internationally from Melbourne to Berlin, LA, Miami, Atlanta, Chicago and Detroit. She has contributed to events for Juddy Roller, Outer Space Project, Richmond Mural Project, Murals In The Market, ABV Agency, Branded Arts, Blink Cincinnati, and Scope Miami Beach. In 2018 she worked with Google Fiber to create one of the largest public-facing augmented-reality murals in the world.

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