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The 1984 — Andreas Junus, Irawandhani Kamarga & Johansyah Moechtar — Jakarta, Indonesia

“A well balanced, crisp design is composed of high contrasting elements. For example, if we use a lot of colours, then we keep the typography bold and simple. But if we have a lot of decorative typography as the main element, then we minimise the amount of colours and simplify the layout.”

The 1984 is the brainchild of Andreas Junus and Irawandhani Kamarga, art directors who love to explore crafty executions. Together with fellow ad man Johansyah Moechtar handling the management side, they established The 1984 as a Jakarta-based creative consultant. They say that “focusing on brand development and experiences, many of the brands we handle have unique and sharply differentiated positioning. The diverse projects and personalities we experienced in the past seven years have set us up for an exciting journey of explorative problem-solving in design.

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