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The Patternbase – Kristi O’Meara, Audrey Victoria Keiffer — Chicago, USA

“I feel as if what a lot of artists are doing is DIY. Be your own boss – we are really part of that movement. It’s all about finding people that have something to contribute to the bigger picture.”

Largely seen as an online textile resource and community, The Patternbase is also a burgeoning textile-design studio based in Chicago. Founded by designers Kristi O’Meara and Audrey Victoria Keiffer in 2011, the community has grown from a tumblr blog to an online community that is blossoming further towards physical interaction, the first step being a book published by the founders by Thames & Hudson this year. Although The Patternbase uses the term “collective” loosely, and although it was born out of similar origins to most collectives, with a DIY start-up mentality and peer pressure to lead a movement and enjoy the financial benefits of working as a group, there is a hierarchy and business ambition about it that puts The Patternbase firmly in the camp of community over collective.

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