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The Royal Studio — Porto, Portugal

“Maximalism as a visual choice (meaning: a complex system) extends to the disco floor lights and the video mapping of the DJ; it can also bask in the playlist set to allow it to generate the promo items, web and activation sorcery: why not? The copy shouldn’t be left out — come on copywriters, step into the tune, you guys, rock! Easy wasn’t allowed to join in the equation: every platform is hard. The screen just came to the derby but the silky-oh screen print can make it too. Glamorous! Fun.”

When we asked him why The Royal Studio was so named, Creative Director João Castro answered thus: “Chase the Royals on this one. It is hot! As hot as freedom and ego! Blazing fire like the rails on a moving train! The name carries the guts and the instinct. It was nurtured in the frightening vandal runs as a one-man-show graffiti-artist and raised the little tagged crown to a studio’s symbol as the freedom to overcome the show and become more than a designer: a governmental organisation.”

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