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Thinking*Room — Jakarta, Indonesia

“When we created a project called For The Love Of God back in 2013, we did all the artwork with real money that had been cut and chopped. We spent almost the project fee to invest in the idea of using real money in order to create a huge impact. At the same time we found an article saying that it is against the law for an artist or a designer to use counterfeit money to create a piece of art.”

Thinking*Room is a design company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Founded in 2005, it is known for “pushing the limits... we have gained many of our clients’ trust to focus on total designs and concept solutions. Through our intuitive approach and crafted skills we have used both traditional and non-traditional methods to communicate the different elements of brand.” The company’s range of activities covers brand identity and content creation, product and packaging design, books, websites, social media, motion, interior and exhibition design.

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