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Tiffany M. Wu — New York City, USA

“Packaging design has the power to give functionality to visuals and link them to real life. A smart packaging design creates a straightforward and delightful interaction. Also, it provides visual satisfaction and clear communication. Packaging design is turning from 2D graphics to a 3D perspective. There is a whole science behind it — from the study of layout in 3D, the structure of the package, to the materials used for products.”

Tiffany Wu is visual-design-based with a multi-disciplinary approach, specialising in branding and art direction. She started her focus in graphic design at Pratt Institute, where she majored in packaging design and graduated in 2017. Her interests go beyond traditional graphic design, expanding to 3D digital art and motion. She was born in Texas, raised in Taipei, and is currently living in New York.

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