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Tim Belonax — San Francisco, USA

“Printed posters represent what is worth preserving. The digital age is constantly in flux yet it retains a sameness through RGB pixels, glass and plastics. The printed poster is confident in its existence. It stands on its own, with vibrant colour, rich textures, and the married scents of ink and paper. It has lost its powers of dissemination, but gained a focused appreciation by those who value savouring a moment, an idea, and living with it in physical time and space.”

Tim Belonax is a San Francisco-based graphic designer. He teaches at California College of the Arts, is a board member of the San Francisco Center for the Book, and was previously the Social Impact co-chair for AIGA SF. He holds awards from the Type Directors’ Club, Art Directors’ Club, AIGA, Print, Graphis, and more. He has a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design and his bookshelves are organised by colour.

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