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ToDo — Torino, Italy

"A good interaction designer depends on a great inter-disciplinary team: no true interaction designer can work alone."

ToDo is a next-generation design studio based in Italy and founded by Giorgio Olivero (creative director), Andrea Clemente (managing director), Fabio Cionini (software engineer) and Fabio Franchion (computational designer). Olivero says: “In English the word ‘design’ can be either a noun or a verb, but we really prefer the latter: design as a plan for action. So, back in 2007 when we were thinking about a name for the studio, ‘to do’ immediately sounded perfect; we’ve always had a learning-by-doing, dive-head-first kind of approach. Furthermore, in Spanish ‘todo’ means ‘everything’, and that made the name even more perfect because we didn’t want to limit ourselves to a strict, fixed range of design areas. We had a sense that our studio would re-invent itself from time to time, and we liked the idea of keeping our options open, like stem cells with a lot of different potential futures.”

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