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Toko — Sydney, Australia

Toko's foundations in Dutch-European culture of design and art keeps feeding Toko’s philosophy and creative process which follows a distinctive conceptual approach in which critical thought, experimentation, and collaborations are key. Concepts are derived from extensive research to develop contemporary, distinctive and considered design solutions often challenging it’s visual application, playful, unexpected and minimalist.

Toko's creative directors Eva Dijkstra (1974) and Michael Lugmayr (1970) both graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design St. Joost in Breda, The Netherlands, (respectively 1999 and 1997) after which both went on to work at several well-regarded Dutch and American design practices like; Studio Dumbar and TelDesign). Before establishing Toko in early 2002 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 2005 both opted for another (geo)graphic adventure and the permanent relocation to Sydney Australia became a fact. Currently Toko is operating out of creative hot-spot Surry Hills where they realise work for both national and international, corporate and cultural clients.

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