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Tomato — Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Melbourne

Tomato takes great delight in remaining relatively anonymous as individuals. Members tend to take a back-seat to the identity of Tomato as a whole, operating more as a merry band than a studio business, yet neither the output nor the client interest suffers. Tomato defies convention and has carved an idiosyncratic path through the landscape of creative culture. “The joy of the collective is the conversation and what that allows you – the hierarchy that happens elsewhere discounts so many parts of the conversation. A collective, is it political? Yeah, fairly so.”

Formed in London in 1990/1991, and largely connected at the time with the earthy techno scene of the band Underworld, for whom the collective created the artwork for the seminal release Dubnobasswithmyheadman, Tomato has enjoyed a unique place as a global multi-disciplinary collective for nearly a quarter of a century. It has morphed in size, clientele and output over the years, at one time boasting 38 members (now back down to a more manageable half-a-dozen), and from the early days of working with inter-active media and music packaging, the collective’s output now ranges across fashion design, communication, concept, strategy and direction. It runs free-form hubs in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong and Melbourne, Australia.

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