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Toormix – Ferran Mitjans, Oriol Armengou — Barcelona, Spain

“Applying pattern is an opportunity to have more visual impact and also more personality. If you work the pattern using the key elements of the identity you will have more visibility and also it will be easier to be applied in different elements in an adaptative way. The biggest risk to using a pattern is that you hide the logo between the graphic elements.”

Created in 2000 in Barcelona by Ferran Mitjans and Oriol Armengou, Toormix is a design studio focused on ideas and with a clear penchant for innovation and networking. It specialises in branding, art direction and graphic design applied to digital and printed formats. Since 2012, the team has spent more time stimulating the development of new processes, helping creative and formal research, and generally turning itself into an entity where new working methods with their clients can be established.

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