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Trüf Creative — Monika Kehrer, Adam Goldberg — Los Angeles, USA

“My typeface designs are more about what visually pleases me than important aspects of type design such as readability, precision and consistency. They’re about graphic rhythm, flow and balance and act more like design pieces than actual typography. I’m typically inspired by the juxtaposition between different aspects such as thick and thin, organic and machined, static and moving, classic and avant garde, serif and sans, and how I can create forms that find the balance between those qualities.”

Established in 2006 by industry veterans Monika Kehrer and Adam Goldberg, Trüf is a creative studio focused on brand design, digital and illustration for a wide variety of clients that want their design done differently. The pair’s work is rooted in solid strategy and execution, but they’re always experimenting with ways to take traditional design down new paths.

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