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VVORKROOM — Vicky González — Barcelona, Spain / Mexico City, Mexico

“Every project is different, even from the same industry. However, working with restaurants is a great experience, because apart from the smells, that can easily be applied in any retail project, in restaurants the sense of taste is also involved. So as a designer, you end up immersing yourself in developing the concept, naming, branding, interior design, defining the playlist and, if you are really lucky, sometimes even making decisions about the menu. Is one of the most holistic experiences you can have.”

VVORKROOM is a creative studio directed by Vicky González, a specialist in branding and strategy with a distinctly human approach. She is an art director and brand strategist with a dozen or so years in the industry, including a decade at the helm of the famed Mexican creative studio she co-founded, Futura. She has developed brands across diverse industries in some 15 countries.

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