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Vasgrav – Vasilis Gravaritis — Athens, Greece

"Good design for me means a good solution to a problem. And a good solution means an outcome that covers the needs of the client under specific conditions. Designers are not artists who are able to work for themselves any time they want, they have to work under deadlines for specific projects and clients."

Vasgrav is a creative studio founded by designer Vasilis Gravaritis, who lives and works as a freelance in Athens. He graduated from Bath Spa University in the UK with a bachelor’s degree in graphic design and a master’s in brand development. He is very focused on typography, branding and web design, while also experimenting in creating fonts and typefaces with innovative approaches. As a great problem-solver, Gravaritis explores the sociology of typography through daily life and that helps him to invent solutions under various conditions, which cover the needs of different clients.

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