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Vero Gorri — Madrid, Spain

“I would like to participate in a children’s-hospital project. The idea of helping children to get better with design, colour and illustrations sparks my imagination. I would differentiate the hospital areas with different colours and typefaces. Make special illustrations for the various facilities. In short, try to transform their stay in the hospital into a journey to different worlds, letting them become the hero/heroine of their own story (although they already are). I would develop a big playground where kids that can’t leave the hospital for a long time can have their own little portion of sky and fresh air.”

Vero Gorri is a multi-disciplinary studio working out of the Spanish capital city. It collaborates with companies from very diverse sectors including studios both nationally and internationally well-known, developing projects in way-finding, editorial design, branding and more. Its way of working is “based on three pillars: excellence in solutions ensuring high-quality, creativity and innovation, and commitment to its customers in complying with deadlines”.

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