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Vicente García Morillo — Madrid, Spain

“I regard colour is an essential part of how we express graphic language. In my designs, the application of colour or the absence of it depends on the message and the effect that I want to express in every piece. I believe that a good application of colour not only consists of picking the right combination, but also in knowing when it is better not to apply any.”

Vicente García’s career in the world of arts started quite early at the School of Arts of his hometown (Mérida, Spain). Knowing that he wanted to pursue the world of creation, he studied for a degree in fine arts in Seville, where he had the opportunity to make progress in artistic disciplines such as painting, print-making and sculpture. In the final stage of his studies, he moved to Madrid, where he currently lives. Today he is a designer of international renown who runs his own studio developing projects for brands such as Nike, Ministry of Sound, Urban Outfitters, Adidas and Condé Nast.

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