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Victoire Douy — Paris, France

“I think Symbiosis was my best project so far. Mainly because I had the opportunity to collaborate with Camille Frairrot, an amazing illustrator – so resourceful! – and two developers. We really talked a lot about the concept of the app, its use, its purpose, and I think this is why it worked so well when we published it. I believe that the conception and the UX were 50 percent of the work. UI is super-important as well, but if your user can’t use your app because he/she doesn’t understand your UX, then even if your idea was the best you’ve ever had it will lead to nowhere.”

Victoire Douy is a graphic designer with a particular love for typography and colour (mostly pastels, she admits). She claims to have “a minimalist style, with a twist”. Presently studying at Gobelins School Of The Image in Paris “with very cool people”.

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