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Viktor Pesotsky — Saint Petersburg, Russia

“Escos and Escos Display were inspired by the desire to create a new structure of writing and construction of signs. That is, not just the graphics, but the writing system itself. In the current system, all signs are constructed rationally and logically. But I thought, what if you leave only one or two directions for strokes — vertical and diagonal from top left to bottom right? This really inspired me and I drew hundreds of oblique letters, tried to distribute the strokes and align the density. Not all the letters were managed perfectly, but overall I’m happy with what I got.”

Victor Pesotsky is a Russian graphic and font designer. He says: “In searching for new forms, new graphics and proportions, I continue to admire classical font design, when serif antique fonts are made for years and bring to perfection every curve of the bezier. But I work in a completely different way. For me, the main thing is to find an interesting image and convey the feeling.”

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