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Lead82 — Viktor Suszter — Budapest, Hungary

What makes a good publication design? “Besides the obvious answers regarding design systems and flows and inspirations, I can’t summarize my answer better than Dieter Rams’s 10 principles about good design. We/I use them in all of our projects.”

Viktor Suszter tries to “promote clean, clever and articulate design [that answers] questions hidden in content with reasoned typography and … deep understanding of the problems”. He says that he tries to “focus on collaboration with my mates on simple, logical, understandable and easy recognisable hierarchy and typography with local research and development”. He is the founder of DMN Designers Movie Nights, and co-founder of the Eastern Dizajn Conference, Košice. He teaches magazine typography at Metropolitan University Budapest, web design at KREA, Contemporary Art School Budapest. And he plays ice hockey from October till April!

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