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Violaine & Jérémy – Jérémy Schneider, Violaine Orsoni — Paris, France

“The local design scene is a small world. You can find many graphic designers in France but only a few with a true graphic-design culture, style and signature. The good ones all know each other (at least by name). At a rough guess, we’d say you can find around 50 of them in France.”

Simple with a touch of elegance probably best sums up the work of creative duo Jérémy Schneider and Violaine Orsoni. They met at an advertising agency and after their very first collaboration, they decided to found a studio and have been working together under the name Violaine et Jérémy since 2012. From Day One they made up their minds to choose projects depending on their graphic potential, in the belief that building a very high-quality portfolio is more important than earning big bucks. That credo still stands, along with their strong belief in meritocracy (nothing comes cheap, but these two are workaholics and never count their hours) to make everything possible.

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