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Wade and Leta — Wade Jeffree & Leta Sobierajski — Brooklyn, New York, USA

“Working on a larger scale comes with plenty of curveballs. Painting on paper or a canvas is far more controllable–it’s a surface that has been primed and prepared for optimal execution. Painting something like a mural poses many challenges, many of which are simply out of one’s control. The surface can be irregular in texture, or it may not be protected from the elements of rain and snow. Colour appears differently in daylight to how it may look in a studio, and so swatch matching takes plenty of time and preparation.”

Married couple Wade Jeffree and Leta Sobierajski claim that they “make music for your eyes.” Their studio combines “purposeful eclecticism and performative design to create satisfying and emotional visuals ranging from conventional identities to colourfully charged compositions utilising all disciplines.”They add: “Fine art should be read in a few seconds and be immediately understandable.”

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