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WeLoveNoise — Luke Finch — San Francisco, USA

It would have to be Nintendo. It’s probably one of the most scary brands to take on because there’s so much history associated with it, but I’d love the chance to re-do the logo in a way that still pays tribute to its past but also reflects what the brand stands for now. My initial approach would be to bring the execution closer to Nintendo’s products and create a system that is playful and captivating and feels alive and fresh every time you see it. It’s these attributes that really resonate with me when I think of Nintendo.

Luke Finch is a creative director and designer who goes by the alias of WeLoveNoise. He approaches design by fusing design and technology to create captivating and thoughtful experiences across multiple forms of communication — digital, analogue and environmental — for brands such as Pepsi, Playstation, Google, the BBC and AT&T. is the creative outlet for his professional projects, private commissions and design experiments.

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