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Winston Tseng — New York, USA

In the skateboarding world it is inevitable to associate skaters, or even brands, with a particular type of graphic or attitude. We could cite examples like Jamie Thomas with his brand Zero, which uses very dark motives often with skulls, crosses and other dark paraphernalia. Or more recently Mike Vallely with Elephant Brand, which, as its name suggests, uses mostly elephants in its graphics, which is something that he has been doing most of his career. But the present case is a little bit more particular.

Winston Tseng is the former art director of one of the most recognizable skate companies, Enjoi Skateboards. His graphics combine modern technique with those wild and ground-breaking graphics of the ‘90s. They are colourful, intelligent, humorous and transgressive, and they perfectly transmit the feeling of not just looking at a toy, but a small masterpiece.

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