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Wolff Olins — London/New York/San Francisco

We’d like to rebrand Coke due to its recent re-positioning of Choose Happiness with Taste The Feeling, apparently signalling a focus on the product. Taste The Feeling is afraid of losing relevance by talking about happiness, and instead just wants any reaction, any feeling, from its audience. If Coke, a product of little practical utility to people, had anything to offer, it was the unashamed, optimistic spreading of hope, joy and happiness. Changing tack and getting in behind everyone else doesn’t just undermine its heritage, it also feels a bit flat.

This well-known brand consultancy based in London, New York and San Francisco claims to be “creative partners for ambitious leaders”, saying: “We pit creativity against the big challenges in radically different ways. Our global teams of designers, strategists, technologists, programme managers and educators deliver deep, meaningful change across and beyond our clients’ organisations. We partner long-term and work at pace to create better brands and better businesses.”

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