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Zupagrafika — Poznań, Poland

“Good publication design will always be a subjective notion. What is considered good for some can seem bad for others. What we are trying to achieve is always a design that will go along with our personal taste, and most of all what we would like to have in our own hands. We like simplicity and we are trying to find it at all stages of publication design, starting from the choice of papers, appropriate fonts for a given project, etc.”

Zupagrafika is an independent publisher, author and design studio founded in 2012 by David Navarro and Martyna Sobecka. Their works celebrate postwar modernist and brutalist architecture of the former Eastern Bloc and beyond. They are the authors of Brutal London (2016, Prestel), Brutal East (2017), Modern East (2017), Brutal Britain (2018), and Eastern Blocks (2019).

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