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Zutto — Miass, Russia

"Sometimes I have just have no inspiration at all. At times like that, it is bad idea to push it and try to do something, so I go in search of other interesting occupations. It is always better to relax, read a book, go for a bicycle ride... whatever. Creation shouldn’t be like a kind of suffering, especially when doing commercial projects."

Zutto is the name adopted by an illustrator based in Miass in the South Ural Mountains. She is part of a group of prosperous Russian artists, known and bookable from abroad. Her illustrations are full of vibrant rainbow colours, fantasy characters and dreamy scenes. Childhood memories, candy-coated topography and ecstatic zoo life all come into play in her happy vectorized world. There is a great temptation to bite or lick the screen when looking at her art; and sometimes you can catch a moment when the characters are moving or waving at you.

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