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ByHaus — Philippe Archontakis & Martin Laliberté — Montréal, Canada

“For us, the success of a good pattern is mainly due to two things: its flawless execution and its relevance. While the pattern is generally expressed through the repetition of elements, it is essential to work with quality elements in terms of their geometry, the harmony of the colours used, the rhythm and the relationships between all these. More important, though, is its relevance. Whether for a project in packaging or branding, a pattern is always part of an emotional and strategic initiative, where the idea behind the pattern is even more important than the pattern itself.”

ByHaus is the design studio of Philippe Archontakis and Martin Laliberté, a pair of accredited graphic designers based in Montreal. They specialise in creating distinctive identities that can drive success and they believe that simple messages send the strongest signals.

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