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høly — Odysseas Galinos Paparounis — Athens, Greece

“Decoracha started as a design-school project, when I was asked to create a typeface in typography class. I came up with the idea of a quirky font, inspired by Art Deco principles and the antennae of a Madagascan cockroach. In 2017 it became the most successful crowd-funded font in history. In 2019, we launched of a holistically re-branded version of the font, with re-designed letters, new characters and four new stylistic sets, enhancing its quirky, versatile and playful character.”

Odysseas Galinos Paparounis is the CEO, Art Director, UI/UX Designer and Founder of the creative agency Høly. Fusing design and technology to give shape to matter and help businesses thrive since 2014, Høly’s recipe has created thus far: brands, logotypes, event identities, packaging, icons, posters, fonts, interiors, photos, corporate presentations, pitch decks — websites, platforms, apps, social-media profiles, videos, ads, vlogs, blogs — and crowd-funding campaigns, ideas and products.

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