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IdN Extra 04: Most Wanted Volume 1 — A peer's eye view of today's design world!

As part of IdN’s 100th Issue celebrations, we are proud to present you with nearly 100 of the most talented creators in today’s design world! The result is a unique cross section of the contemporary design world, as represented by some of the most interesting artists and designers in the modern day design industry!


Rafaël Rozendaal / Luke Rudolf / François-Xavier Courreges / Andrea Rosso / John Maeda / Topos Graphics / A nice idea every day / Tina Berning / Daniel Eatock / Nila Aye / Andy Howell / Storm Tharp / Ian Stevenson / Denis Darzacq / Johan Björkegren / Büro destruct / Jon Klassen / Stanley Wong / Niessen & De Vries / Jesse Auersalo / Thirst / Peekasso / Feixen / Nao Tamura / Tim Hunkin / Scott Barry / Kjetil Wold / Anti / Carmen Garcia Huerta / Raphaël Garnier / Mathieu Laroussinie / Mimi Leung / Ji Lee / Jordi Labanda / Mono. Kultur / Sarah Martinon / T-post, Peter Lundgren / Keetra Dean Dixon / Jean-Yves Lemoigne / Jeremy Geddes / Richard Gray / Antoine+Manuel / Big Active / eBoy / Jason Brooks / Jeremyville / John C. Jay / Non-format / Stanley Donwood / Stefan Sagmeister / The Rainbowmonkey


ISBN: 978-988-18470-5-8
Size: 210mm (w) X 270mm (h)
Pages: 168 pages

Perfect 10

Select and hand picked by 10 of today's most influential designers, who in turn were each asked to name 10 artists in any design filed whose work particularly impressed them. This is certainly a book to keep and look back on — to see where design was at at the end of the 21st century first decade.

About IdN Extra:

As a continuation of its mission to amplify and unify the global design community, IdN is publishing a series of special editions (entitled IdN Extra) that explore in-depth a particular theme or project.

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