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IdN Extra 06: Semi-Permanent — Speak Up

It is imperative that successful designers and artists maintain a high standard of work, but it is also important that they present coherently to their clients and patrons, or be able to speak in front of thousands of roaring conference attendees! In this collaborative IdN Extra, we feature 40 seasoned Semi-Permanent speakers. We give their views on creative conferencing and show their latest work.


Andy Fackrell (180Amsterdam) | Alex Trochut | Alexia Sinclair | Dean Poole (Alt Group) | Anthony Lister | Ben Frost | Big Active (Gerard Saint) | Bibliotheque (Tim Beard) | Dave Kinsey (Blk/Mrkt) | Danny Yount (Prologue Films) | David Pidgeon (Design By Pidgeon) | Deanne Cheuk | Debaser (David Homer, Aaron Hayward) | Digital Domain (Vernon Wilbert) | Genevieve Gauckler | ILM (Christian Alzmann) | Kate Gibb | Keith Schofield | Luke Lucas (Lifelounge) | Nabil Elderkin | Nick Morris (Anyhow) | Phunk Studio | Rinzen (Adrian ClIfford) | Bryan Edmondson (Sea Design) | Simon Birch | Sixty40 | Stefan Sagmeister (Sagmeister Inc.) | Stephen Van Elst (Iloura) | Stiletto (Stefanie Barth, Julie Hirschfeld) | Studio Bomba (Leah Dent, Angela Mitchell) | Philip Hunt (Studio AKA) | Superfad (Justin Leibow) | Tara McPherson | Tiffany Bozic | Tim Kentley (XYZ Studios) | Tin&Ed (Tin Nguyen, Edward Cutting) | Toben (Katja Hartung, Thorsten Kulp) | Tokyo Plastic | Tony Mott | United Visual Artists (Ben Kreukniet)


ISBN: 978-988-18470-0-3
Size: 210mm(w) X 270mm(h)
Pages: 154 pages

Turning up the volume on the speakers

No matter how convenient it has become these days to access all kinds of video-conference events and real-time video sites, the old saying "Seeing is believing" still holds true when it comes to close encounters with our favourite creatives.

In this special IdN Extra, titled Speak Up, we have collaborated with Semi-Permanent, one of the world's best-known design conferences, that has to date hosted no fewer than 26 events in nine cites, covering five countries, and involving 164 speakers and more than 42,000 attendees. In this publication we feature more than 40 of the speakers who have enlivened previous Semi-Permanent conferences – and now they share with you their thoughts on what makes an ideal conference.

About IdN Extra:

As a continuation of its mission to amplify and unify the global design community, IdN is publishing a series of special editions (entitled IdN Extra) that explore in-depth a particular theme or project.

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