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CERCLE #03: Insects (English Edition) — Co-Published as IdN Extra 11

Appealing or revolting, insects undeniably remain the masters of the world, whatever people think. 80% of living beings are insects. Considered by some as parasites, pests or dirty, they are useful, organised and abound in colours and shapes. Small kings of contradiction, they could not pass by unnoticed. In this issue, insects were tasted, smelled, observed and even touched! A selection of viewpoints and practises that sway, crawl or fly over the upcoming pages. Lovingly collected, carefully observed or furiously exhibited for some, insects reveal themselves as temporal markers, work base, art material and solution for the future for others. Insects wreak havoc.


Twelve artists, photographers, illustrators or mixed media artists whose work draws a formal or conceptual inspiration from the universe of butterflies, stick insects beetles, flies, dragonflies and other insects.

• Alma Haser – Germany • Victor Ciccarelli – Italy • Ryo Takemasa – Japan • Alix Lukas – USA • Zachari Logan – Canada • Catherine Chalmers – USA • Adam Batchelor – UK • Igor Siwanowicz – Poland • Sam Droege – USA • Shikhei Goh – Indonesia • Toni Demuro – Italy • Travis Bedel – USA


By their shape, their organism or their functioning, insects have parasitized different fields of creation. Here is a glimpse of the invasion over seven scopes of application.

• Design • Fashion • Architecture • Films • Books • Music • Food


ISBN: 978-988-15950-9-6
Size: 210mm(w) x 270mm(h)
Pages: 136p + 4p cover
Language: English


Karine Hamel-Cam & Lucile Vidal – Micropolis – The City of Insects

Following Jean-Henri Fabre’s footsteps, Micropolis’ mission is to make us understand insects, if not love them. Diversity of species, reproduction modes, metamorphosis process, housing: a visit in the heart of the city of insects.

Guy Theraulaz – Research Director at CNRS – Collective Intelligence

We met Guy Theraulaz, research director at the CNRS who works on animal cognition. How building insects’ civilisations interact in order to build their fabulous cities.

Cornélia Hesse-Honegger – Science Illustrator – The One Who Painted Mutants

Cornelia Hesse-Honegger studies and paints insects who suffered morphological mutations around the world. A scientific and sensitive production that says a lot about man, nature and their mistakes.

Jan Fabre – Contemporary Artist – The Master and the Scarabs

A conversation with Flemish contemporary art master Jan Fabre. When the artist manipulates nature to serve his message, insects become art material.

Marie Dominique Wandhammer & Marie Ernster – Zoological Museum – Entomological Curiosities at the Museum

Strasbourg’s zoological museum abounds with a huge collection of insects. For dozens of years, the museum has acquired, studied, classified and sorted these fascinating creatures to show them to the public in their best light.

Cédric Auriol – Micronutris – A Plateful of Insects

We met the founder of Micronutris, the first company in Europe to breed insects and create protein rich products fit for human consumption. Enjoy.


Cercle Magazine has been founded in 2011 by three graphic designers and illustrators, namely: Marlène Astrié, Marie Secher and Maxime Pintadu. Each issue of Cercle is based on 1 single idea. A concentration of different aspects of one particular topic (professional, visual, scientific, literary and artistic) in order to produce a surprising, cheerful but demanding magazine, aimed to be collected and to deliver timeless informations not bound to daily news twists. The topic is above all a support to highlight art creation and simple approach, able to interest both connoisseur and novices, printed objets' lovers.

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