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ALIX Magazine #01: Legendary Characters of the Alternative Culture — Co-published as IdN Extra 12

ALIX presents you the legendary characters of the alternative culture, and also the scene newcomers, who are creating a whole universe apart from the establishment. Because, let’s not kid ourselves, the best things that happen around us are barely visible for the mainstream, and the majority of them don’t get any exposure in the main international showcases nor model in the Victoria’s Secret catwalk.


Mark Andersen – Punk activism
Sean Cliver – Two decades (And a Half) of irreverence
Cheryl Dunn – Everybody street
Glen E. Friedman – You Know when you are right: Stories behind the camera
Todd Francis – When seniority makes the difference
Zine – Patrick Trefz – Surfers' blood
Herbie Fletcher – The surf's godfather
Steve Gullick – Capturing the perfect moment
Tim Kerr – Nice guys finish last
Andrew Kidman – Spirit of akasha. Morning of the earth, 40th anniversary
Steve Olson – Artistic memories of a skate legend
Winston Tseng – Working the art


ISBN: 978-988-15950-7-2
Size: 210mm(w) x 270mm(h)
Pages: 160p + 4p cover
Bonus: 16p x 190mm(w) x 250mm(h) photo zine included
Language: English

Legendary Characters of the Alternative Culture

The best things happen in the street and are photographed on the corners. They show up in the crest of a wave and are drawn with the blow of a skateboard on the sidewalk. Everything else is just a footnote in a story that has been told thousands of times, but few times has been lived in the first person. Ultimately, we have been there, we have submerged ourselves in every topic with the passion of the old times, and we hope you enjoy this analogic experience in the same way that we have enjoyed making it.

About IdN Extra:

As a continuation of its mission to amplify and unify the global design community, IdN is publishing a series of special editions (entitled IdN Extra) that explore in-depth a particular theme or project.

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