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CERCLE #4: Costumes (English Edition) — Co-published as IdN Extra 13

Costumes allow for anonymity. Used in ancestral events or corporations, they can be synonymous of a rite of passage, of colour, of joy, of celebration, of uniformity and of dressing-up. Man changes identity when he changes clothes. He puts on a role. Clothing is disturbing because it imposes a contradiction. We show, yet hide. We are bound to an outfit in which we are singled out. Costumes exist to speak, to assert things even. They have the extraordinary ability to provide another image of oneself to others for a moment. Although clothes don’t make the man, there is room for doubt... Let’s make room for princesses of an evening, everyday gentlemen, uptight officers and all those who want to be and appear distinct. Showtime!


Marie Rime | Guda Koster | Studio Bertjan Pot | Christian Tagliavini | Nick Cave | Jack Hughes | Stacey Rozich | Stephen Appleby-Barr | Ryoji Nakajima | Chad Wys


Design — By Sophie Suma
Fashion — By Hélène Dupont
Architecture — By Pierre-Mathieu Degruel
Films — By Fabien Texier
Books — By Thomas Lacroix & Frédérique Mantouan
Music — By Émilie Fernandez & Alexandre Rochon Food — By Sonia Verguet


ISBN: 978-988-15951-3-3
Size: 210mm(w) x 270mm(h)
Pages: 128p + 4p cover with gold foiling
Stock: Finnisg Book Classic 80gsm
Language: English



Brief presentation of the most emblematic costumes, whether for the stage, for work, historical clothes, folk wear, fancy-dress or rituals.

Léon Bakst

Sketch of the Faun Costume by Lev Samoïlevitch Rosenberg, known as Léon Bakst, 1912


The notion of “costume” is broad and varied and its definitions are multiple. A subjective selection of many anecdotes, works, stories or expertise related directly or indirectly to costumes.

Do Ho Suh

High School Uni-Form, 1997


Mannequin is a typographic character created by Thomas Bouville for CERCLE #4 dedicated to the theme of costumes.


The Art of Costume Designing

Camille Assaf, who worked in New York for many years, is a scenography and costume design professional. Conversation with an enthusiast who shared her story and profession with us.

When the Suit makes the Man

Founder of the famous blog Parisian Gentleman, Hugo Jacomet gave us a warm welcome to evoke the importance of masculine elegance, its codes and craftsmen.

The Venetian Masquerade

Four time winner of the Venice Carnival competition, Tanja Schulz-Hess opened the doors onto a world where costumes are more than disguises.

The Costume Hunter

Charles Fréger developed his photographic practise around costumes and uniformity. This was naturally what encouraged us to meet the prolific artist.

Life After the Stage

A unique location, the Centre National du Costume de Scène, collects, restores, preserves and exhibits costumes. Delphine Pinasa, director of the centre, welcomed us there.

The Male & the Uniform

Odile Roynette is a researcher and lecturer at the Université de Franche Comté. Through the prism of history, we talked of the uniform, costume of the military world, and its virilising dimension.

About Cercle:

Cercle Magazine has been founded in 2011 by three graphic designers and illustrators, namely: Marlène Astrié, Marie Secher and Maxime Pintadu. Each issue of Cercle is based on 1 single idea. A concentration of different aspects of one particular topic (professional, visual, scientific, literary and artistic) in order to produce a surprising, cheerful but demanding magazine, aimed to be collected and to deliver timeless informations not bound to daily news twists. The topic is above all a support to highlight art creation and simple approach, able to interest both connoisseur and novices, printed objets' lovers.

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