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David Michon x AUFI — Where We Stand — London, UK

WHERE WE STAND is a project which challenged 15 leading creative agencies, designers and design partnerships to respond to the ongoing need for physical distancing in public space. As cities around the world emerge from a state of lockdown and isolation, the policy of ‘social distancing’ has created new spatial relationships to be navigated in our public spaces.

Initiated by creative director and producer David Michon and Agency-Client matchmaker ASK US FOR IDEAS (AUFI), the project is a call to arms to city-makers and the real estate community to engage with creatives in the next stage of post-pandemic city life. From parabolic chairs in New York, to a ‘Keep Your Distance’ football league for London, and audio installation in Singapore’s botanical gardens the responses to the design challenge propose more a welcoming and discursive socially distant city life.

Participating agencies include:
Accept & Proceed | Character | DesignStudio | dn&co. | Foreign Policy | HUSH | Lovers | Manual | Mother | NONYMOUS | Rice | Sthuthi Ramesh x Samar Maakaroun | Wiedemann Lampe | WGI alumni — Es Youn, Kinzie Burke, Na Rojanusorn, Qiang Wang | Wkshps x Studio Pandan

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