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Luzinterruptus — Plastic Stuck in the Landscape — Madrid, Spain

Consumptions have increased dramatically during the lockdown due to the sanitary demand for protection materials, food packaging, the massive increase online shopping — together with a widespreade lack of recycling awareness. The idea of “Plastic Stuck in the Landscape” isn’t new. The illustrations by Marta Menacho is intended as an installation where plastic wastes will be shredded in all sizes and tied to the branches of the trees so that, when the fans are turned on, the wind will move it all and make it sound creating a beautiful unsettling soundtrack.

“It came to us while we were traveling and visited those marginal places that form the blurry limits between the country and the city, home of the countless amount of waste trapped in there and abandoned, mostly light plastic material carried by the wind. The climate degrades it and turns into shreds that are easily carried by the air until it gets stuck in something and stays there forever.”

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